Cutting edge brands use emoji domains

Celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17 with a New Emoji Domain Name

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Celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17 with a New Emoji Domain Name

Top Brands Turn to Next Wave of Marketing

(SCOTTSDALE, AZ — July 10, 2017)Emoji Domains are now a thing. Seriously. Take out your phone, type in i❤️.ws. Can you believe that works?

… and why shouldn’t it? In a world where 70 percent of web traffic is mobile, cutting-edge brands look for a way to competitively differentiate their products and services appealing to consumers on-the-go.

Increasingly, well-known brands turn to Emoji Domains, a fun new way to reach mobile phone users without making them go through the hassle of downloading an app. Since Emoji Domains are 100 percent compatible with all browsers, Emoji Domain usage has skyrocketed over the last year.

i❤️.ws is the world’s first Emoji Domain Registration search engine and was nominated for a “Community Product of the Year” award on ProductHunt and featured in Fortune, Lifehacker, and CNET. Launched during a 24-hour hackathon to overwhelming acclaim, thousands of businesses from all over the world registered new emoji URLs for their projects.

“From movies to business marketing, emoji are everywhere,” says Jon Roig, Chief Scientist and Developer of i❤️.ws. “Over a billion emoji are texted every day.”

“These ubiquitous characters are the first new thing to come to domain names in quite some time. From the moment we launched, we knew we had a runaway hit,” Roig added.

The Domain Research Group developed an Emoji popularity tracker available at i❤️.ws/emojipopularity. There is also an Emoji Domain site gallery at i❤️.ws/gallery. Together, they provide insight into which domain names are gaining traction and how businesses are using the newest marketing tool to competitively differentiate themselves.

For now, Emoji Domains are not available in dotcoms but can be registered at https://i❤️.ws.


Jon Roig is available for interviews.

Top 5 Emoji Domains

  1. ❤️🍺.ws
    Love beer? Budweiser’s Emoji Domain is simple, memorable, and visually appealing. It’s easy to imagine this Emoji Domain replacing QR codes.
  2. 🃏.ws
    The MGM Grand is one of the original players of the Emoji Domain game, using the Joker as an easy way to get to their website and stand out from the crowd.
  3. 🕶.ws
    Often, Emoji Domains are exactly the thing you’d expect. Rayban uses the iconic sunglass symbol as a mobile shortcut. 👓.ws forwards to Warby Parker.
  4. 💌.ws
    Emoji in emails get noticed,” recent marketing studies have shown. Just ask Mailchimp.
  5. 🍑🎉.ws
    EmojiYourPeach, an ad campaign for Bud Light Peach-a-Rita, invites you to their peach party.


An innovator in domain technology, Domain Research Group is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. From a “Community Product of the Year” nomination on ProductHunt to articles in Fortune, Lifehacker, and CNET, our project, i❤️.ws began a wave of Emoji Domain registration for users all over the world. Domain Research Group continues to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of what’s possible in online identity.






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