Emoji Domains and SEO

2 min readSep 15, 2017

Updated 9/14/2017: All search engines support Emoji Domains. Seriously!

Google status: 💯

Google Emoji Domain search results
  • Full Emoji Domain support.
  • Emoji display correctly in the title, although the first heart — the red heart — is displayed as black. (They are essentially the same emoji… it’s complicated.)
  • Full emoji compatibility for the inline description, as well as Rich Cards.
  • .ws domains perform well in Google indexes, as they are treated like gTLDs instead of regional domains.

Bing status: 👍

Bing Emoji Domain search results
  • Full Emoji Domain support.
  • Limited emoji display in the title (notice the missing hearts 😞)
  • Mixed emoji compatibility for inline description.

Yandex status: 🤷

Yandex Emoji Domain search results
  • Nearly identical to Bing, with full emoji domain support.
  • Limited emoji in title, but emoji content indexes correctly within the page.
  • Includes the favico.

Baidu status: 😥

Baidu Emoji Domain search results
  • Indexes but does not display Emoji Domains. The domain displays as punycode.
  • Title includes full support for emoji, including the red heart.
  • Full emoji display for content indexed within the website.

DuckDuckGo status: 🤕

DuckDuckGo Emoji Domain search results
  • Emoji domain is displayed as punycode.
  • Title has limited support for emoji other than the heart.
  • Emoji content within the page indexes correctly.




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