Emoji in your Twitter Profile?

2 min readMay 10, 2020

How to use Punycode to add an Emoji URL to your Twitter profile

An example of i❤️.ws doing used in a Twitter URL

Did you know you can put emoji in your Twitter URL? Here’s a quick guide:

1: Choose an Emoji Domain!

Register an Emoji Domain at i❤️.ws

Head on over to i❤️.ws and register an emoji domain. You can register a domain free using Freenom or choose one of the paid options. With Freenom, the provider of the free .ml domains, there’s a catch — if you don’t use your domain enough, they’ll take it back. The paid options tend to be viewed as more serious: .to for forwarding or .fm for podcasts, for instance.

But if you’re looking for your first emoji domain or just to have fun, try out a free emoji domain!

2: Register your Emoji Domain

🍆😋 in the Freenom cart

You will see your domain represented as Punycode in the cart — under the hood, all domains are secretly just ASCII characters.

Go ahead and register your Emoji Domain. You can just use your Facebook or Google account to log in.

3: Forward your Emoji Domain

Forward your free Emoji Domain to Carrd, Instagram, or Twitter

You can forward your emoji URL anywhere: your Twitter, your Carrd page, Instagram… wherever.

4: Add your Emoji Domain to Twitter

Add your Punycode Emoji Domain to Twitter

Edit your profile and add your new domain as Punycode.

Don’t forget the http://




i❤️.ws: Emoji Domain Registration... Get your own Emoji URL! Twitter: @emoji_domains