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i❤️.ws Emoji Domain Search Turns up the Volume

3 min readApr 16, 2018


Now supporting .fm. Also, i❤️.ws becomes the first domain project to get it’s own theme song.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ , April 16, Domain Research Group launches i❤️.ws 2.0, with tons of new features, a new TLD, and a (ridiculous) theme song.

“Emoji are amazing,” says i❤️.ws Developer Jon Roig. “So much work has been done to make them visually appealing. All we had to do with put emoji front and center and then the emoji themselves do all the hard work of making the page look interesting.”

Launched during a 24 hour hackathon 18 months ago, the addition of the .fm Top Level Domain (TLD) gave a i❤️.ws chance to rethink and redesign the site.

“We’ve sold 25,000 emoji domains so far on .ws, which is amazing,” he says. “Frankly, the site still looked like something I threw together in the middle of the night. In a charming way. This is uncharted territory, so we’re still figuring it all out, experimenting. We’ve added all kinds of fun and colorful sugestions and information to help people establish their online emoji identity.”

Founded in 1995, the .fm TLD has also changed with the times, having found new life in the last few years as an easily recognizable home to podcasts and audio projects.

“The addition of a new emoji TLD is a big deal,” says Roig. “Especially one as signifcant as .fm. This the first new TLD to start accepting emoji domains since we lauched and they’ve been an incredible partner.”

i❤️.ws New Features!

The i❤️.ws Theme Song

Internet weirdos unite!
To demonstrate their absolute commitment to online audio project, i❤️.ws reached out to Matt from Motern Media, a famous / infamous recording artist with over 15,000 tracks on Spotify. With topics ranging from “poop” to “somewhat obscure California towns” to “the virtues of bleach,” it was clear that he was the best candidate to pay musical tribute to emoji domains.

… plus, his rates were more in line with our modest budget. Snoop Dogg dreams, Motern Media reality.

The results completely exceeded expectations:

We’ll get Snoop when emoji domains come to dotCom, for now we’ll settle for the amazing dude who write songs about the plow guy hitting his garage.

Of course… that song has an emoji domain: 😀.fm

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An innovator in domain technology, Domain Research Group is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. From a “Community Product of the Year” nomination on ProductHunt to coverage on Vice News to articles in Gizmodo, Fortune, Lifehacker, and CNET, our project, i❤️.ws began a wave of emoji domain registration for users all over the world. Domain Research Group continues to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of what’s possible in online identity.

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